When Partnerships Sour: Legal Strategies for Handling Business Partnership Disagreements

April 17, 2024

Running a successful business can sometimes be tricky—especially if you are experiencing conflict with your business partner. Whether it’s a difference in vision for your company, disagreements over who has what responsibilities, or financial disputes you can’t seem to find common ground on, managing these issues requires the right guidance. At Searson, Jones, Gottschalk & Cash, we understand the challenges of business relationships and the potential obstacles that can come later. Our team is here to help you resolve your situation with diligence, skill, and dedication.

Business Lawyers in Asheville

When you're in the middle of a business dispute, it can sometimes be hard to see the bigger picture clearly. That’s why having a dependable legal ally by your side should be one of your top priorities. Our Asheville-based attorneys excel in handling a wide range of complex business litigation and commercial disputes, always keeping you as our main focus. We can help you reach a favorable resolution without the hassle of going to court. But if it is needed, we're fully prepared to go to trial and fight for you.

Business Disputes We Can Help You With

From shareholder and partnership spats to breaches of contracts and non-compete agreements, we’ve got you covered. Our firm has deep roots in North Carolina business law, and we are confident in our ability to navigate it effectively. Here are a few examples of business disputes we work with:

• Shareholder and Partnership disputes

• Non-compete agreements

• Breach of business contracts

• Employment contracts

• Lease disputes

• Unfair and deceptive Trade Practices claims

• Insurance Claims

• Loan workouts

• Improper use of company proprietary information

Client-Focused Strategies

We believe in a hands-on approach and giving you the attention you deserve. We handle each matter personally, dedicated to finding the best solutions for you. Our team works around the clock to understand your unique situation, offering advice and support every step of the way. Integrity, respect, and determination are foundational to our practice. We make it a priority to demonstrate these values in every meeting.

Business Litigation Attorneys Asheville

When partnerships sour and business disputes come to the surface, having a trusted legal advisor in your corner can make all the difference. Our team is here to listen, strategize, and advocate on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys and take the first step toward resolving your partnership dispute with confidence and peace of mind.

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