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While we prepare as though any of our cases may be tried in a court, the reality is that many can be settled before that point. Mediation and arbitration are alternative ways to resolve disputes without going to trial. Sometimes both parties agree to either mediation or arbitration, and sometimes one or both is ordered by the court.

Mediation is a settlement conference in which the parties attempt to settle their case with the help of a neutral mediator. This option allows both sides of a case to work together with the help of experienced representation to reach a mutually-beneficial solution. Fred Barbour, Scott Jones, and Bob Deutsch are certified mediators.

Arbitration is a hearing that is less formal than a trial. An arbitrator or panel of arbitrators hears and then decides the case based on the evidence presented and the applicable law. Fred Barbour has served as an arbitrator on many cases, and as mediator on well over a thousand cases. All firm lawyers have successfully represented parties in hundreds of mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Mediation & Arbitration Needs We Can Help With

At Searson, Jones, Gottschalk & Cash, we understand that every case is unique and take the time to look for the best possible results for each client. Sometimes that means using strategies like mediation or arbitration instead of going to trial. We have experience in almost every type of case litigated in the state and federal courts of North Carolina. Some specific examples include:

  • Complex business disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Real estate matters
  • Condemnation cases
  • Personal injury cases

Custom Solutions for Serious Problems

With the strategies employed by an experienced legal team, mediation and arbitration are excellent options for many serious cases. Mediation and arbitration have the potential to decrease the time and resources the same case may require in a traditional process.
Let us help you reach a sophisticated solution to your serious problem today.

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