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From the first phone call to the final case verdict, we make every effort to keep you informed, prepared and comfortable. We realize that there’s already enough uncertainty and stress surrounding you when going through a legal process; we strive to be a part of what helps relieve that stress. Since it’s not every day that you must talk with a lawyer, we thought it would be helpful to know how to prepare for your first appointment.

Prior to contacting our office (by phone or contact form):

Write down all information that is important to the matter you are calling about. This includes:

  • Names and correct spellings of all parties
  • Dates of any events you are calling about
  • Amounts of damages sustained (if applicable)

Make sure you have this information accessible for when you get a call back.

If we move forward with your matter, here is some additional information about how to prepare.

Prior to your first appointment:

  • Make a list of questions you might have for us.
  • Gather any relevant documents that may pertain to your case.

During your first appointment:

  • You will be given time to share the specifics of your case as well as ask any questions or share any concerns you may have.
  • We will ask questions that can help us establish concrete details about how to best approach your situation.
  • While we understand the desire to have support from a friend or family member, please plan on having them wait in the reception area during your consultation. If they have additional concerns or questions, you can bring those to our attention in our confidential time together.
  • We don’t discuss any of the case details outside of our office unless our client gives us permission or as otherwise legally required.
  • We will discuss items such as fees and best practices for your unique case.

Providing Smart Solutions to Serious Problems

If both you and our team determined that the case is a good fit, we will move forward with researching and developing the best plan of action for your unique situation. Our team will keep you informed and involved in every step along the way. We will be available to you for questions and concerns throughout the entire process. Don’t worry – we're in this together.

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