Understanding Your Rights: Navigating Estate and Inheritance Disputes in North Carolina

May 1, 2024

Have you recently found yourself in a situation you never expected to be in? Maybe a loved one passed and you are set to inherit land or property or you are in the middle of a dispute over a will that just can’t seem to be settled. Estate and inheritance matters can be tough to handle, both legally and emotionally. When relationships are strained due to not seeing eye to eye on these situations, Searson, Jones, Gottschalk & Cash, will lead your family through these challenging times with care and expertise.

Guiding You Through Every Step

From the initial meeting to the resolution of the case, our team of experienced attorneys works closely with families across North Carolina, offering guidance at every step of the process. When litigation becomes necessary, our firm is prepared to advocate for our clients in the courtroom. With extensive experience in trying cases involving wills, trusts, and inheritance disputes, we have the knowledge and skill to navigate even the most complex legal challenges.

Common Types of Estate and Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance disputes between siblings and family members have the potential to strain relationships. When disagreements begin over the division of a loved one's estate, it can tarnish cherished memories and hinder the grieving process. We handle a variety of estate and inheritance disputes, including:

• Inheritance conflicts: Disputes among heirs regarding the distribution of assets or the interpretation of a will.

• Family disputes over wills, trusts, and property: Conflicts arising from disagreements over the terms of a will or trust, or the rightful ownership of property.

• Will caveats: Challenges to the validity of a will based on grounds such as undue influence, fraud, or lack of testamentary capacity.

Our team is well-equipped to navigate these issues and protect our clients' rights at every turn.

Asheville Estate Attorney

Whether you are contesting a will, seeking to resolve a family conflict over inheritance, or facing any other estate-related dispute, you can trust Searson, Jones, Gottschalk & Cash to provide you with the expert legal representation you need. Contact us today to get started.

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