How a Good Mediator Can Make a Difference

August 9, 2023

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution.  It is ordered in most superior court cases in North Carolina.  In mediation, a trained and certified mediator assists the parties to a dispute in settlement discussions.  

Our Mediation Experience in Asheville, NC

Scott Jones & Fred Barbour, Mediatiors in Asheville NC
Scott Jones (left) and Fred Barbour (right)

Fred Barbour has served as mediator in well over 1000 cases, ranging from estate disputes, land condemnations, personal injury and death claims, to health care negligence claims.  

Scott Jones has mediated many cases, and is highly sought after as a mediator in business disputes.

Why Experience Matters

The mediator assists the parties in discussing settlement of their cases, helps guide their evaluations of the strengths and weakness of their cases, and the risks and benefits to settlement.  Fred and Scott have seen cases from all sides, and their expensive experience informs their input to the mediation and settlement process.  

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