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Benefits of Selecting an Experienced Trial Lawyer in Asheville, NC

For most, legal matters can be daunting and complex, often requiring the expertise of a skilled trial lawyer to guide you through the ins and outs of the legal system. When confronted with a legal conflict or the necessity to file a claim, choosing the appropriate trial attorney is crucial. Our team of experienced trial lawyers in Asheville at Barbour, Searson, Jones & Cash harnesses an extensive knowledge of the legal system in the state of North Carolina.

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Mediation attorney in Asheville NC

How a Good Mediator Can Make a Difference

Mediation is a vital dispute resolution method used in Asheville, North Carolina's superior courts. With Fred Barbour's experience in over 1000 cases and Scott Jones' expertise in business disputes, understand the significance of seasoned mediators in effectively guiding case evaluations and settlements.

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Business Partnership Disputes Asheville NC

Common Reasons for Business Partnership Disputes (And How to Avoid Them!)

A business partnership can be a fruitful venture, offering shared responsibilities, pooled resources, and diverse skills. However, disputes among partners can arise, jeopardizing the success of the enterprise. In this blog, our business litigation attorneys in Asheville NC will discuss common reasons for business partnership disputes and provide valuable tips on how to avoid them.

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criminal defense law firms in Asheville

The Criminal Justice Process in North Carolina

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of the criminal justice process so that you can plan for the best possible outcome. That’s where our Asheville criminal attorney team comes in. Barbour, Searson, Jones, & Cash, one of the top criminal defense law firms in Asheville, has experience defending serious criminal charges such as: Violent Crimes, Drug Trafficking, White-Collar Crimes, Sex Crimes, Arson, Fraud, and Homicide.

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Rule Against Perpetuities, Asheville Attorneys

The Next Great Disney Reboot – The Rule Against Perpetuities

The Rule Against Perpetuities, for most law students, is the proverbial clock striking midnight and Cinderella losing her glass slipper of first year property law class. The rule is critical to the understanding and enforceability of wills and estates in most jurisdictions in the United States but is confusingly written and full of legalese. In a later post, we will discuss the Rule as it applies to covenants. So, what is it? No interest is good unless it must vest, if at all, not later than twenty-one years after some life in being at the creation of the interest.Clear as a glass slipper. The Rule, which is based in common law, seeks to prevent property interests that extend in perpetuity – forever. Essentially, under the law, an individual cannot give someone else an interest in property that includes an Ariel-esque interest, i.e. one with permanent legs.

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Will Caveats in Asheville NC: What Do You Need to Know

Will Caveats: What Do You Need to Know?

A caveat is a legal challenge to the validity of a will. In non-legal terms, a caveat is the same as “contesting a will” or a “will challenge.” A caveat must be filed by someone who has an interest in the estate, such as a beneficiary. Under any circumstance, the death of a loved one is a challenging time. Disputes about wills should not add more challenges to a grieving family. Our Asheville attorneys are experienced representatives in will and estate cases.

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